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I entered the country illegally so does that mean that I can never get a green card?

There are many different options for gaining lawful permanent residence in the United States, even if you entered illegally.  Call for a free, no- obligation consultation, and we can explore your options.

I married a U.S. citizen but he refuses to submit my Visa petition. Can he have me deported?

Depending on your situation, there are options for you to file the petition yourself and obtain permanent residence.

I was told that at the border that the US is no longer accepting asylum applications. Is this true?

The law regarding asylum seeking in the U.S. has not changed. If you believe that retuning to your country of origin will put you in danger, asylum is available as an option. This option can still result in detention. An immigration attorney can you help avoid detention. 

I have a prior drug offense, does this mean that I am inadmissible?

That depends on the age that you were at the time of the offense and if you have any priors.  There are also options if you were caught with a minor amount of marijuana.  An immigration attorney can help you explore different options for waivers.

Immigration attorneys are expensive and I do not think that I can afford to hire one.

This is a common belief and obtaining legal assistance can be quite costly. However, many attorneys will work with their clients on cost or payment options or can help point you in the direction of free legal resources to help you do it yourself.  Each situation is unique and there are many options for a solution. Call or use the contact page to email the firm and start exploring your options.